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Your privacy and that of your maternity assistant

Registering your details
Kraamzorg VDA needs your details to make sure you have a wonderful maternity week. However, our employees always observe the law regarding your personal information. A new law is to be introduced on 25 May 2018: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law gives you the right to know which details are registered and why they are registered. Once we have your permission, we will record the details we need to help provide good maternity care. In some cases, to provide that care, a Kraamzorg VDA employee may need to consult another care provider involved in your situation but our employee may only do that if you have given your permission beforehand.

Our duty of confidentiality
The Kraamzorg VDA employees you speak to during your maternity period keep, and update, your details in a file. Our employees are bound not to disclose any information (this is called the “duty of confidentiality”). Nonetheless, a colleague might need to check your file, but she will only do so if that contributes to good maternity care for you.

Your right of inspection
You are entitled to check all the information that is recorded in your file. If you believe that the file contains incorrect information, you have the right to have that information changed. You also have the right to have that information removed unless the removal is in breach of the statutory retention periods.

Kraamzorg VDA records our clients’ details so that we can provide the best possible maternity care. In addition, we use that information to justify our spending to the insurance companies. We collect the information, anonymise it and deliver it to the insurance companies. Anonymised information means that the details cannot be traced back to specific people. This is explained in our Terms of Delivery too.

We store your details very carefully and for the statutory periods, after which we destroy that information. We keep your medical details for 15 years, as prescribed by Section 7:454 of the Dutch Civil Code. We also keep all the other information about you (personal details) for 15 years after we have registered it.

Privacy Regulations
The privacy regulations contain both your rights and duties and those of Kraamzorg VDA. We will send you the privacy regulations on request. Please send an email to kraam@kraamvda.nl saying that you would like to read the privacy regulations.

The privacy of our maternity assistants
While we take care to ensure your privacy, we ask that you consider our employees’ privacy too. For example, if you want to post a photograph on Internet/social media which shows one of our employees, please ask her personal permission first.

This privacy statement was most recently updated on 29 March 2018.

Download the privacy statement.

Rate list


Kraamzorg maakt deel uit van de basisverzekering. Het aantal uren kraamzorg is afhankelijk van de zorgverzekeraar en het landelijk indicatieprotocol (de meeste verzekeraars hanteren het landelijk indicatieprotocol). De kraamzorgorganisatie  bepaalt in opdracht van de Zorgverzekeraar aan de hand van het indicatieprotocol hoeveel uren kraamzorg er nodig zijn. Deze uren worden door de zorgverzekering vergoed.

Eigen bijdrage

Door het Ministerie van VWS is de eigen bijdrage voor kraamzorg m.i.v. 01-01-2020 vastgesteld op € 4,50 per uur. De eigen bijdrage wordt jaarlijks opnieuw vastgesteld.
Deze eigen bijdrage geldt niet voor de bevallingsassistentie uren.


Indien je zelf meer uren wilt kopen dan je polis vergoedt, gelden onderstaande tarieven.

  • Inschrijving € 46,93
  • Intake thuis € 70,39
  • Intake telefonisch € 23,48
  • Toeslag bevallingsassistentie € 93,86
  • Kraamzorguren € 50,60
  • Bevallingsassistentie uren € 50,60

Al onze tarieven zijn inclusief de reiskosten van de kraamverzorgenden.
Tariefaanpassingen voorbehouden.


Na afsluiting van de kraamzorg ontvang je een afrekening van de verleende zorg.
Deze afrekening dient binnen 14 dagen te worden voldaan.