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Mental support after the immediate postpartum period

Becoming a mother is one of the most drastic events of your life.

It’s not at all unusual to feel unbalanced after the birth. Kraamzorg VDA offers the option of (free) help and support for up to 9 nine months after the birth.

What kind of help can we give after the immediate postpartum period?

What are the (free) options?

  1. Individual coaching: You can visit our coaching surgery, every Tuesday afternoon from one to five o’clock (please make an appointment, see “to register”).
  2. Group coaching: We hold group sessions in the afternoon of every first Monday of the month, from two to four o’clock, where women can meet and talk without their babies, under the supervision of our coach-midwife. They can share their experiences and feelings about their new role of mother. Sometimes, it may become clear that a mother needs individual coaching after attending the meeting.

Both the individual coaching sessions and the group meetings are held at Kraamzorg VDA, Hurksestraat 42-20 in Eindhoven.

To register
You can register at kraam@kraamvda.nl. If you have any other questions, you can ring our coach-midwife wife Lonneke van Houten, on line 06 – 46 14 57 01.