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Would you like to enjoy our expert care and pampering during your maternity period? Our dedicated maternity assistants would love to look after you! Fill in your details here. We have a contract with all health insurance companies, except Caresq (as of January 1, 2023). You can’t make head or tail of it? Just give us a ring on 088 – 11 67 900.

Please note, it is not allowed to register with multiple maternity care organisations. 
Only complete the form below if you have not yet submitted the application to another maternity care organisation.

    Maiden name
    Partner's surname
    Date of birth
    BSN (citizen service number)
    Postal code
    Phone number
    Phone number partner
    Email address
    Spoken language
    Healthcare insurance company
    Healthcare insurance number
    Midwifery practice
    Place delivery (home/hospital)
    Name hospital (home/hospital)
    Due date of birth
    How many pregnancies?
    Previous children; name, gender, date of birth
    Pets; number and species

    I agree to the General Terms of Delivery
    I declare that this is the only application I have made for maternity care

    Have you checked the General Terms of Delivery yet?

    We’ll always send you a confirmation of your registration within five days.