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How high should the bed be?
The top of the mattress must be at a height of between 70-90 cm. This is the best position for our maternity nurses to work. These are national requirements that must be met in order to receive care.

Tip: Bed blocks can be ordered for free and can be delivered to Medipoint. You can also request other equipment here. Medical equipment is fully reimbursed by the basic insurance.

What is LIP?
LIP (National indication protocol), a list where all your personal factors are included the calculate the number of maternity care hours you are entitled to. This is initially calculated during the intake, which provides an initial indication of the number of hours of maternity care. The hours can be adjusted after the baby is born, for example, because you and/or your baby are staying in the hospital for one or more days.

Tip: Do you want more information about maternity care hours? More information can be found under the heading ‘childbirth and maternity period.

The birth: When should I call VDA for maternity care?
Home birth: In a home birth, you do not have to call VDA maternity care yourself, this will be done by the midwife. The midwife arranges a maternity carer from VDA to help during the delivery. Information about your birth will be passed on to the planning by the maternity carer, so you don’t have to do anything yourself. Hospital birth / Relocated home birth: After giving birth in the hospital, you can inform VDA maternity care of the birth of your child/children. This ensures maternity care at your home can already be taken into account in the planning. Please pass on the delivery date during office hours, it is not necessary to inform us immediately at night. When you give us the information you will be asked to call again just before you are discharged from hospital. This way we can be sure that your maternity nurse won’t arrive at an empty house.

Where do I go with questions after the maternity period?
There are several people who can help you with any questions you during your first months at home.  If you have a question about breastfeeding, you can contact our lactation experts. They are happy to help you with any non-urgent questions about your child at the consultation center. The doctor can help with more urgent matters. And in the first six weeks after your baby is born, you can also go to your midwife. Do not hesitate to contact us!

What household tasks does the maternity nurse do?
The maternity nurse is primarily responsible for the care of mother and child. The amount of time you receive differs on whether you have customized maternity care (49 hours) or minimal maternity care (24 hours). In the case of customized maternity care, the maternity nurse carry out tasks related to hygiene; this includes keeping your room, the baby room and the toilet clean, and doing mother and child’s laundry is also an important task. If there is time, the maternity nurse can, in consultation, vacuum, do the laundry of other family members, prepare for dinner or, for example, keep the other children in the family occupied for a while. Minimal maternity care does not allow time for household tasks as primary care takes priority.

Tip: Would you like more information about your maternity care hours? You can find more information under the heading ‘Birth and maternity care’

Can I choose my maternity care provider?
The choice is entirely yours. Choose the correct area or region, every maternity care provider covers a specific area. It is important that you live within the same area.

How long before my due date should I register and how does it work?
We advise you to register around the third month of your pregnancy. This is easily done by filling in the registration form.

Tip: The earlier you register, the more certain you can be of receiving all the maternity care hours you would like.

We have pets, a dog and two parrots.
Does the maternity nurse also take care of our pets during my maternity period, such as walking the dog and cleaning the cage?
A maternity nurse works within the limits of his/her profession. In principle, these kinds of tasks are not part of their duties. In consultation, however, an exception is sometimes made to walk the dog.

Tip: Mention that you have pets in your registration form, then we’ll look for a maternity nurse who has an affinity with animals.

Which things should I already have at home for the baby, for myself and for the birth?
The page ‘what do I need’ gives a complete overview of all the things you need for the birth and the maternity period.

Tip: There are many commercial lists for maternity products in circulation, avoid unnecessarily high costs. Our list is compiled regionally with midwives and other maternity care organizations. With this list you’ll have enough for you and your little one.

Which courses are there?
Kraamzorg VDA does not organize any courses itself, but we do recommend a number of courses: see recommended courses.

I am not satisfied with my maternity care. What now?
If you have a complaint, discuss this with the employee concerned. If this doesn’t solve any problems, you can always call us on 088 11 67 900. We will then do everything we can to ensure your maternity period is satisfactory.

How do I order my maternity products?
You will need to arrange some equipment during your maternity week such as, bed blocks, a backrest, a chamber pot or a shower stool. Maternity care VDA cooperates with the supplier Medipoint which ensures that equipment is delivered to your home, completely free of charge. Our advisor will gladly help you order any necessary equipment aids the intake interview. You can also place an order via duxxie.nl/kraamzorg

Can I choose which maternity care agency I want to use?
The choice is all yours. However, your health insurance company will not yet regard the choice as your own if you register via our website or with a fellow maternity care agency.

Tip: If you have an absolute preference, we advise mentioning only the maternity care centre of your choice on your registration, then the name you put down is so noticeable, there can be no confusion.

How or where do I find the number of hours of maternity care that the insurance will pay out.
The Landelijk Indicate Protocol (the National Maternity Care Indication Protocol, LIP) decides how many hours of maternity care you are entitled to. But to find out, you can also get in touch with your health insurance company.

Tip: You can’t make head or tail of it? Just give us a ring on 088 – 11 67 900 during office hours; our staff would be only too happy to help!

How far in advance do I need to register/apply somewhere and how do I register/apply?
We recommend that you register round about the third month of your pregnancy. It’s very easy; just fill in the registration form.

Tip: The earlier you register, the more certain you can be of receiving the full number of maternity care hours.

We have pets: a dog and 2 budgies.
Will the maternity assistant look after our pets during the maternity period, e.g. take the dog for a walk and clean out the cage?
A maternity assistant works within the limits of her profession. In principle, those tasks are not part of her job. Nonetheless, you can discuss it with her and, as an exception, she might walk the dog.

Tip: If you mention that you have a pet when you register, we’ll look for a maternity assistant who likes animals.

What will I need to have ready before the birth, for the baby, for me and for the delivery?
This page what do I need? provides a comprehensive list of everything you need for the birth and the maternity period.

Tip: There are a lot of commercial lists with maternity layouts about; make sure you don’t spend too much. Our list is focused on local arrangements and was drawn up with the help of midwives and other maternity care organisations. This list, which describes the layout, contains all you need to have ready for you and your little one.

I’m not happy with the maternity care. What do I do now?

It’s possible that you have a complaint. Please discuss it with the relevant assistant. If you can’t solve the problem by discussing it with her, please don’t hesitate to ring us on 088 11 67 900. We will do everything within our power to ensure that rest of your maternity period is a wonderful time for you.