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Breastfeeding can be a wonderful thing. But sometimes it’s complicated. And when it goes wrong…it’s very tiring for Mummy and Baby. It’s a pity, because often, with a few practical tips, a lot of pain and trouble can be prevented. VDA Maternity Care is a qualified Baby Friendly company. We have ample expertise and, because we work closely with Zorgmed and Zuidzorg in this matter, there is aways a lactation consultant on hand to give advice or assistance.

What does a lactation consultant do?
A lactation consultant is specialised in assisting breastfeeding mothers. She can help the baby latch on, advise on the milk production, pumping and combining breastfeeding with your return to work; however, she is there to help too, if the baby or mother is ill.
If breastfeeding is more of a challenge than you expected, you can ring our lactation consultants for telephonic assistance or ask them to visit you at home, both during and after your maternity period, or you can come to our breastfeeding clinic. Our experts will listen to you, analyse the situation, observe how you breastfeed and give you personalised advice.
If you need help breastfeeding, our lactation consultants will coordinate the situation with your midwife/maternity assistant during the first days after the birth. What’s more, even if your baby is already a few weeks, months or years old, our lactation consultants can provide assistance, which they coordinate with your local child health centre.
And remember, you are always welcome to come to an information evening or make an appointment at the breastfeeding clinic during your pregnancy, so you can prepare yourself.

Your own supplementary health insurance will cover the costs of this lactation assistance. Your policy papers will state the amount that will be reimbursed. In some cases, you might need a referral. More and more health insurance companies reimburse fees for pumping assistance.


fees duration
Short telephone question free of charge free of charge
Telephone clinic € 30 >10 min
Short appointment at the clinic € 35   20 min
Appointment for latching assistance at the clinic € 65   40 min
Home visit € 125
Full package:

  • Appointment at the clinic during pregnancy
  • Telephone contact with the maternity assistant
  • Home visit if necessary
  • Appointment for latching assistance at the clinic for a baby aged 2-4 weeks
  • Telephone contact for as long as wanted
€ 210

We work with direct debit mandates and paper invoices that you can send to your health insurance company. If our lactation consultant makes a home visit or if you attend an appointment at the clinic after a telephone clinic, we shall charge the fees for that telephone clinic.