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When you expect a baby, a (commercial) world opens up to you. To help you find your way between all the necessary, useful and sometimes unnecessary articles, we have listed the most important articles for you.
The layette can be downloaded so that you can easily print it out.

A number of aids are required during your maternity period. These aids are, for example, bed raisers, a backrest, a bedpan or a shower stool. Kraamzorg VDA cooperates with supplier Medipoint who ensures that the aids are delivered at home. Our consultant will gladly help you to order the necessary aids during the intake interview. You can also order the aids yourself at medipoint.nl/kraam.

Mother (maternity set)
Tip: Your health insurance company will probably send you this set.

Tip:* Useful to have handy

Essential to have ready!


Tip: We recommend washing the baby layout in advance for the sake of hygiene and to prevent the baby’s skin becoming irritated. Don’t use any fabric conditioner but there’s no harm in using a tumble dryer.

If you bottle-feed your baby

Tip:* Useful to have handy

For a home birth
Tip: not included in the maternity set

For a hospital birth, you should take:

Tip: It’s a good idea to have a suitcase or bag ready packed beforehand (37 weeks) for the birth.

A hospital birth?
If you plan to have the baby in hospital, we advise taking your marriage papers or the acknowledgement of paternity certificate and both parents’ IDs with you to the hospital. During office hours, there will be a civil registrar from the municipality at the hospital so you can register your tiny addition to the family immediately. Many hospitals offer this service.