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Join VDA Maternity Care as a maternity assistant
As a maternity assistant, you will be the guest of a family for eight days while you take care of the mother and child. Sometimes, you will help with the delivery. Our ambition is to provide long-term supervision, even if the labour has only just begun. After the birth, your most important duties are to do physical checks on the mother and the baby. You are to ensure that the family is capable of coping independently after a week and to make sure that they know what needs their attention, that they can feed their child, bathe it and take it out.

Care for mother and family
It is important that the mother is given some time – and takes time – to get to know her baby. You, the father and the baby’s brothers and sisters, if it has any, must allow her that time. In addition, you do the normal, daily household jobs. You clean the bathroom and toilet daily to guarantee the mother’s hygiene. As well as caring for the family, you play host and offer guests coffee and tea – with traditional Dutch “beschuit met muisjes” of course. VDA Maternity Care provides customised care, so much of it is arranged with the family: what is important to them and what has a lower priority? You make their maternity period a time of celebration!

Working in a team
As a maternity assistant, you will be working in a lovely team centred around a midwives’ practice and whose ambition it is to provide the best possible maternity care to our clients. As a maternity assistant, you enjoy being an ambassador for VDA Maternity Care. You are also responsible for attracting clients, creating maternity care hours and ensuring client satisfaction. In our opinion, personal growth is essential. We organise peer supervision sessions and training courses for our teams (including accreditation points for KCKZ, the centre for maternity care expertise). These sessions focus on both the substance of maternity care and matters that have an impact on business operations and operating results.

VDA Maternity Care as an employer
VDA Maternity Care’s ambition is to be a good employer for our staff. We want to achieve that ambition:

VDA Maternity Care has been certified by the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB, formerly called Calibris) as an approved work placement company, which means that we train student assistants.

Would you like to come and work for us as a maternity assistant? Can you work flexible hours – including in the evening, at the weekend and on public holidays?
Can we offer you what you want and can you offer us what we want? Please ring 088 – 11 67 900 or send an email to werkenbij@kraamvda.nl. Large contracts are an option too.

What can we offer you?
You look after our clients and we look after you! At VDA Maternity Care, salaries and employment conditions are arranged in accordance with the Dutch collective labour agreement for Nursing, Care Home and Residential Care Staff (VVT), FWG 35 salary level. Irregular shifts are paid out in accordance with the collective labour agreement. You will be registered with the pension fund for healthcare and social welfare sectors, Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn.

We are looking for…

If you have the right qualifications but no experience…
If you have the right qualifications (Verzorgende IG) but you don’t have any experience of maternity care and you would like to work as a maternity assistant, ask about the options for a customised course at VDA through Geboortezorg Academie. Please ring 088 – 11 67 900 or send an email to werkenbij@kraamvda.nl.

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