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Kim de Veer-Krijger

Mandy has just left and we’re missing her already! Thanks to Mandy, we’ve had a really lovely maternity week. Thank you, Mandy darling! We have learnt such as lot from you and really enjoyed having you here in our home. You knew intuitively what we liked and what we didn’t like and cared perfectly for us and little Matteo; I would recommend you to everyone! I hope we meet you again someday (perhaps when I have another baby?)!

Esther Severijn Muskens

My week of maternity care was just perfect, thanks to Anita! She was amazingly sweet and caring, calm and pleasant and very knowledgeable. Thanks to her, we can look back on a week of maternity care I really didn’t dare count on beforehand. Anita, once again, we’re immensely grateful! All the people we spoke to on the phone lines were very nice too. Unfortunately, we didn’t get on very well with the lady who made the home visit. She wasn’t very flexible and wanted to enforce all sorts of protocols. Terrible. Hey, you’re dealing with people, not robots. Luckily, we didn’t drop VDA because of that experience, or else I wouldn’t ever have had darling Anita!

Sandra Bullens

A whole week has already passed since Jolanda van D. rounded off the maternity period at our house. We really enjoyed Jolanda’s presence, her caring, her experience and her expertise. It’s a pity we never arranged any care from VDA when our eldest was born, but it means we appreciate the fact that we chose VDA this time round even more. We missed so much during the first maternity period! We’re grateful to VDA for a lovely maternity period, which we enjoyed thanks to Jolanda!

Jo-Ann Van Roessel ter Haar

Our daughter Nena was born on 3-7-17. After Inge had helped us so well during the birth, Anita came to our house the next day. I was a bit scared, because I had had a bad experience with our eldest child’s maternity assistant. But guess what? I heard that she was a former classmate of my husband! OK, there’s something to talk about, I thought… Luckily! We couldn’t stop talking. Chatting was such fun! We talked about everything. I feel I really know Anita although I’ve only just met her. It was great; it felt good! What a lovely maternity assistant! VDA should be proud to employ such great people! What a really super person! Our week was wonderful and I hadn’t even dared dream it would so nice. There were tears when she left – this time, I was sad, not relieved. We really miss her. I wish the maternity week could last longer… So once again, thank you so much Anita dear! We’ll miss you.

Ilona van Lith

Had a great maternity period thanks to José Snackers. Thanks for the good care.

Yacinthe van de Langenberg

Our first son Morris was born in the early hours of 25-4-2017. Today is the first day without our maternity assistant Inge, so we need to get used our new life. Inge helped us by being loving, caring and knowledgeable during the first seven days. And in addition to those three things, she was also great fun to be with. All in all, it meant we had an amazing maternity week and would recommend Inge (VDA) to everyone.

Marieke van der Wijst

We’ve had another fantastic week of maternity care! Ilse thanks for your wonderful care and Francis and Jolanda, thanks for arranging it.

Chantal van den Broek

Today, we said goodbye to our amazingly sweet maternity assistant Lisanne. We were so pleased with her. And particularly our little son Mike will be surprised when his Mummy comes to wake him up instead of Lisanne.

Elina Van Den Hurk van Schaijk

Our daughter Julia was born on 17-03-2017. Once again, we were delighted to be in the caring hands of Corina Seijkens, who had helped in the maternity week after the birth of our daughter Stephanie. VDA and Corina, thank you so much for this wonderful week. Thanks to you, my maternity week was truly one to remember! Kindest regards, Elina, Roel, Stephanie and Julia

Kenneth Ravestein

I believe that VDA provides very good assistance! They treated us very nicely and they took good care of our 2-year-old son. I think it’s a pity that it’s almost over. Thank you, Mandy!

Lisa Sanders

I received good care. I’m very happy about how they looked after Jasmine, Milan and me.

Mareska Kluijtmans – Bons

Thank you Mirjam vd. We had a lovely time last week. I’ve learnt so much and Rachid did a refresher course, ha ha. A delicious breakfast in the morning, a nap in the afternoon, some fruit in bed and everything’s on record. It was great to have a maternity assistant who’s also a photographer! She was sympathetic with Lynn, my husband’s daughter, shared all the best and worst moments, because you realise that life could be very different… How we’ll miss you, now our family life is really about to start  I’d do it all again just for this  Thank you, once again! I’ve even shed a few new-mummy tears… but it’s because I’m intensely happy.

Amy Koolen

We’d like to thank VDA, and particularly Conny, for a fantastic maternity week! She’s only just left but I’m crying new-mummy tears: we’re missing her already!!! Her good care, explanations, tips and dedication meant we have got off to a wonderful start with our first baby, a beautiful son, Dion. Kind regards, John, Amy & Dion.

Tamara Pruim

I’ve been lucky enough to have Suzanne Verbruggen twice; what a wonderful maternity assistant! We really enjoyed the maternity week thanks to Suzanne’s good care and good supervision!! We can really recommend her to all new mothers! Thank you so much Suzanne dear! x Tamara, Eric and the kids.

Liza Schipper

I’d like to thank VDA Maternity Care for this fantastic week, especially Susanne. We really enjoyed it. She took great care, not just of me, but of the rest of my family too. She gave us sound advice and tips when we needed them.

Pauline Nouwens

We had a lovely maternity week, which was down to your good care too! We can really recommend VDA

Ellen Waterreus-von Reeken

Our second child was born on 25-11-16 and once again we had arranged maternity care from VDA. We’d like to thank Manon W. for her enthusiasm, loving care and good fun. Thanks to her, we really had a fantastic maternity week! She dedicated all her attention not only to me but our eldest little boy too. It was a lovely week and it was hard to say goodbye. Manon is SUPER, keep up the good work.

Rachella Den Braber

I had a tremendous maternity week with Hanny, what a super woman! I learnt such a lot from her – the week flew by! Once again, thank so much!!

René Marleen Van der Sommen

Our maternity period was amazing; the care was really great – what a wonderful woman. We learnt a lot of new things and got some sound advice; what a lovely feeling it was to have you here Jolanda, it’s been a super week. Thanks… Hope to see you again soon one day.

Leonie Lohner

We’d like to thank VDA Maternity Care Agency and particularly Francis for our unforgettable maternity week We enjoyed every moment! Thank you! Kind regards, Lucas, Leonie, Lieve and Luca.

Astrid Van Schaick

We’ve been lucky enough to have been Francis’ good hands twice. It was really great. Thank you!

Joyce Hendriks

Thanks to you, I had 2 really super births and maternity periods. And been deliciously pampered twice. I’d recommend you to everyone who is expecting…

Lieke van Grinsven-Deinum

My maternity week was delightful and well-cared for, under the supervision of Anita from VDA! We’re confident we can take on the world with our little girl now!

Monique Van Esch-Jansen

We’d like to thank VDA, and especially Chrissy, for a fantastic maternity week! Her good care, explanations, tips and dedication ensured that we (very new parents of our daughter Isa) got off to a wonderful start (Y).

Regina van de Vorstenbosch

I was really pampered! Corina, thanks for taking such good care of me.

Nancy Doreleijers

This week, we had time to enjoy our Jesse, thanks to Jose. What a lovely week we all had, including the other 2 children, it’s great to reminisce about it…

Ingrid Eerden

We (very new parents) were really well cared for by Susanne in our maternity week. Every day, she gave us tips for looking after our daughter. She assisted the breastfeeding very well too. Without her help, our little girl wouldn’t have regained her birth weight so quickly. Next time, we’d definitely ask for Susanne again!! She was great!!

Marieke Bakermans

Marleen, thank you being so caring and for the tips and advice, for introducing our dog to our son and for your good sense when it all got a bit too much for me!

Bogusia Dylewski-Zielinska

I’ve given birth twice, I chose VDA twice and I’ve been very happy with them both times. Marloe and Kim, thanks so much for these unforgettable moments! I wish everyone could have such wonderful maternity assistants. Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Amber van der Loo

In a word: super!!! We learnt so much from Bianca, what a pity the days flew by so quickly! I would recommend you and Bianca to everyone!

Hanneke Van Gestel

I would recommend VDA to everyone. Thanks to Loes, I had a wonderful maternity period!

Aubrey Klerks

Today was our last day with Carla. Pity we had to say goodbye, because it was really lovely having her around!

Mandy Klerks

I had an extremely relaxed and comfortable maternity period, thanks to Annemarie! She supervised my breastfeeding very well and gave me tips about caring for our little girl.


Dana van Tilburg

The maternity care following the birth of my 3 daughters was arranged by VDA. I was very happy with them each time, but last week really was the icing on the cake. Monique, many, many thanks for an amazing maternity week. We have been unbelievably lucky to have had you! X

Erik van Doren

Really good!!!!!!! Couldn’t have been better, we were deliciously pampered both times! All the best, Karin van Doren

Saskia Weren

Just been on another course. As a maternity assistant at VDA, we frequently follow additional training. It was great fun, because, of course, that’s all part of it.

Samy Kidjo

I was attended by amazing maternity nurses, one of whom was in her final year of training, I really enjoyed it and they instructed us and assisted us very well! I’d certainly recommend VDA Maternity Care 😉


Helen Sweere

Had a wonderful time both times! Thank you, Bianca and Corina!

Vanessa Paeshuyse

We were extremely happy with VDA’s maternity assistant! Our daughter Tess was born in 2012, she’s our first, and the supervision couldn’t have been better!

Suzanne Van Orsouw VdWaterbeemd

Had a care-free maternity period! It was so good to recover at my own pace after the delivery and to get to know the new baby…it’s all thanks to VDA’s maternity care!

Hanneke van Doremalen-Alofs

After my daughters were born, I had the pleasure of having a super maternity assistant from VDA come to the house both times. Lovely people, well organised! I’d certainly recommend them!!!

Miranda Verstraten

I had a wonderful maternity period! Love to repeat the experience again in February.