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At VDA Maternity Care, we think it’s of the utmost importance to demonstrably test our work against verifiable standards. That’s why we’ve obtained certification for all areas of our profession. As a maternity agency, we are approved by the Ministry and have ISO certification.

Furthermore, VDA Maternity Care has been awarded Baby Friendly Nederland certification which is recognised by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF.

VDA Maternity Care has been certified by the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB, formerly called Calibris) as an approved work placement company, which means that we train student assistants.

We recognize that healthcare for internationals requires additional information and adjustments to your needs. Therefore we are a member of H4i, a non-profit network to improve the connection between the needs and expectations of healthcare in the Netherlands for internationals. More information can be found at https://h4i.nl/network/

Do you have a complaint?
Despite our high standards of quality and our commitment to our clients, you might be unhappy with our maternity care. Please don’t hesitate to discuss it with your maternity assistant. Often, something can be done about it right away. However, if you can’t manage to solve the problem together, please ring us on 088 – 11 67 900 and ask for your maternity assistant’s manager. You can also fill in the complaints form. In that case, we will be in touch with you within 3 working days. Our complaints regulations are available here.