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The intake interview
A care consultant will get in touch with you in the seventh month of your pregnancy to arrange an intake interview so we know what you want and we can coordinate the options more efficiently. If you are expecting your first child, or if the circumstances are unusual, the interview will be held at your house. If you are expecting your second child, or a subsequent child, it will depend on your health insurance whether the intake interview will be held by telephone or whether we will visit you at home this time.

We will always discuss the following subjects, among others;

Watch these video’s if you want to prepare well for the intake interviews:

A check on the working conditions
The intaker will run a check on the “working conditions” during the intake interview. She will discuss with you whether the maternity assistant can do her work safely and comfortably in your home. The check is based on the working conditions and hygiene regulations. The care consultant will, if necessary, give you advice on which equipment should be ready and/or what you need to arrange for the delivery. For instance, your bed may need to be raised on blocks. You can borrow the right kind of blocks from a home-care shop. The care consultant will record her findings and the arrangements you have made with her on the form, which she will hand to you.

Informal care
It is a good idea to think about whether any of the tasks can be done by an informal carer (partner, relatives, friends). You might need some extra help in the hours the maternity assistant can’t be with you, if you can’t move around very well just yet, for instance. If you can’t arrange any informal care, you have the option of buying more hours of maternity care. You will be charged for those extra hours according to the applicable rates.

Extra information after the intake